Tips For Improving Your Office Setting

Most people spend the majority of their days in an office setting. It’s important to pay attention to little things that can make the office experience better for everyone.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help enhance the quality of your workspace.

First, clear out the clutter. An organized office is easier to deal with than one with stacks of papers or boxes piled everywhere. Organized offices lead to clearer thinking and less stress.

Next, add some things to your office to create a sense of peace and calm, including fresh flowers, pleasant music playing on the radio or sound system, and real live green plants.

Plants clean the office air naturally, and add oxygen and humidity to the indoor environment. Plants are nature’s air filters, converting chemical air pollutants like benzene into harmless substances. Foliage Design Systems of Birmingham, Alabama, provides professional interior office plant services in many cities around the United States. They can design, install, and—best of all—maintain live plants, adding to both the beauty and air quality of your office.

How is the lighting at work? Is it harsh? Ideally you want an office with some natural light source, which helps increase productivity and reduce fatigue. If you don’t have a window looking outside, you can replace your fluorescent tubes with “full spectrum” tubes, going from awkward green light to a more cheerful, natural pink light. Don’t work in a dungeon if you don’t have to, right?

Finally, brighten your office with different colors, rather than boring white walls. Orange is said to stimulate creativity, while red energizes and blue calms. Green fights irritability and yellow heightens motivation. You can google “color therapy” to find out details about how certain colors truly affect us.

The more comfortable an office feels, the happier you and others will feel being there. Make some positive changes to improve the office environment where you work.

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