Insight into Plant Growth: What this Means for Changing Climates

We have all heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect” but a new computer model takes that notion to a whole new level. A breakthrough in technology allows computers to reveal how plants grow. Even further, this program allows users to test various conditions under each plant will grow. Why is this important? Crops grow and prosper under specific conditions and those that thrive in changing climates could now be developed with ease.

These new insights into plant growth will help scientists to understand which types are likely to continue to grow in the future under specified conditions and which ones will eventually die out. With factors such as light, temperature and carbon dioxide levels, the computer model also assist farmers in choosing which crops to direct their focus upon.

The research surrounding the new computer model shows that there are differences in the ways plants distribute nutrients and they do this under individual climate conditions. For example, one plant may develop big leaves in lower temperature climates but may not blossom the fruit that other plants will when they are grown in warmer temperatures.

The success of this model can be vital to farmers and crop growers across the nation. Knowing which crops and plants will produce the highest yields will allow growers to redirect their efforts onto what will bring them a prosperous season of fruits, vegetables and even income.

This program can also help those who choose to grow their plants indoors. Knowing which plants will blossom inside with little natural light or indirect sunlight will save you a headache of purchasing foliage that will inevitably die or that will struggle to show you any real results.

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