How To Maintain Your Silk Flowers

Silk FlowersLike most people, you probably have enough responsibilities both at home and at the office. Remembering to give live plants what they need to stay alive and healthy can be overwhelming. That’s why silk plants have become such a viable alternative to the old fashioned variety. They decrease stress by instilling a calming environment without increasing stress with the constant weight of responsibility.

With that said, like any home or office furniture, silk plants do require a bit of maintenance. Over time, particles from the air—mainly in the form of dust—will make a home on your silk plant. Fortunately, cleaning them is quite simple, and doesn’t take very much time at all.

It’s a good idea to clean silk plants every few months, perhaps as the seasons change. The best place to do it is outside. This way, all that dust doesn’t end up right back on your floor. Of course, if your plant is too big or heavy to carry outside, you could always use a vacuum.

Grab a regular old paintbrush and start at the very top of the plant, quickly brushing off each leaf. A traditional feather duster will work okay, but it’s much less accurate and a little more difficult to maneuver. Don’t forget to dust the branches and trunk in addition to the leaves.

Finally avoid using water, as the moisture might harm or deform particularly sensitive silk plants. Similarly, avoid using cleaning products of any kind, as they can be even more harmful. A simple dusting is all a silk plant should need.

Sound nice to have beautiful plants that require so little work? If you’re in the Birmingham, Alabama area and think that silk plants might work in your home or office, contact Foliage Design Systems today.

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