Do Indoor Plants Need Light?

Office PlantsLight gives life. Imagine a world without the sun shining– it would be a cold and cruel place. Indeed, humans and animals and plants all need light to live and grow; it’s essential, just like air and water.

Foliage Design Systems in Birmingham often gets asked, “Do indoor plants need light?” The quick answer to that is, “Yes.”

If your place has windows, and certain plants require “direct sun,” put them near south/southwest facing windows to catch the maximum amount of rays during the day. Plants needing “indirect sun” can go near east or west facing windows. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, your plant will get a good amount of sun, but not “too much.”

For plants that need low light locations, the best window(s) are east-facing ones, where the cooler morning sun hits them. Low light plants can also go in front of north-facing windows.

The shadiest parts of a home typically include hallways, staircases, and windowless rooms.

Artificial indoor plant lights are available to help grow plants in places where they otherwise might not grow. Plants use the cool blue/violet hues of the color spectrum for their foliage, and the warm red/orange hues for flowering. Therefore, you’d want to buy light bulbs made specifically for plants, rather than using your typical room light bulbs which give off green/yellow hues.

If your plant has brown patches on its leaves, or the leaves look faded or very dry, they’re probably getting too much light and should be moved. If their lower leaves are turning yellow or they don’t seem to be growing at all, they probably need more light.

For more plant care tips and information, bookmark this blog. You’re also welcome to call Foliage Design Systems of Birmingham at 205-229-3043 to ask about plant care and such.

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