Tips For Improving Your Office Setting

Most people spend the majority of their days in an office setting. It’s important to pay attention to little things that can make the office experience better for everyone.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help enhance the quality of your workspace. First, clear out the clutter. An organized office is… Read more »

Insight into Plant Growth: What this Means for Changing Climates

We have all heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect” but a new computer model takes that notion to a whole new level. A breakthrough in technology allows computers to reveal how plants grow. Even further, this program allows users to test various conditions under each plant will grow. Why is this important? Crops grow and… Read more »

The Benefits of Living Walls

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens, are all the rage in many office buildings and even homes stretching across the country. These green walls are a great way to bring life to any space as well as improving the air quality in the surrounding areas. For the nature seeker in a concrete abyss, the… Read more »

How Can I Save My Precious Plant From Dying?

Maybe you’ve slipped up a bit. You put off watering your home or office plant for too long, or you just keep forgetting to let enough light in. In many cases, it’s difficult to even know exactly why a plant is having a hard time surviving. We know that you really do care. We know… Read more »

Benefits of Having Plants [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that plants offer many health benefits? It’s true! More than just looking pretty, they even help increase productivity! Are you not the most skilled plantscaper? Have no fear: even artificial plants offer some great benefits. Courtesy of Artificial Plants and Trees, here are some interesting facts about how plants are beneficial to… Read more »

How to Judge the Quality of Artificial Plants

Some people like having artificial plants around for various reasons. Maybe they don’t want to worry about watering and constantly caring for living plants. Perhaps they have allergies and don’t want to aggravate them. Or maybe they’re worried about their pets accidentally eating them and getting sick. Foliage Design Systems of Birmingham, Alabama, can supply… Read more »

How To Maintain Your Silk Flowers

Like most people, you probably have enough responsibilities both at home and at the office. Remembering to give live plants what they need to stay alive and healthy can be overwhelming. That’s why silk plants have become such a viable alternative to the old fashioned variety. They decrease stress by instilling a calming environment without… Read more »

Do Indoor Plants Need Light?

Light gives life. Imagine a world without the sun shining– it would be a cold and cruel place. Indeed, humans and animals and plants all need light to live and grow; it’s essential, just like air and water. Foliage Design Systems in Birmingham often gets asked, “Do indoor plants need light?” The quick answer to… Read more »

Improve the Mood at Work with Indoor Office Plants

Most people work for a living, which means they go somewhere to do something to make money in order to pay their bills. This is the norm. Interestingly, the types of work environments are all very different, from office cubicles to little retail shops—diversity is the name of the game. All too often, the “aesthetics”… Read more »

What is Plantscaping?

You could buy a couple of nice looking potted plants and place them around your house, office or the various interior spaces of a building, but is there any rhyme or reason to that? You’ve heard of landscaping, where professionals use an artistic/scientific combination of skills to make your outdoor spaces look beautiful with plants… Read more »