Benefit of Plants

Why Plants?

Beautifully maintained interior foliage plants make a world of difference and provide a variety of benefits, including

Reduced Absenteeism – Several quality plant selections can help moderate the noise level and reduce stress, keeping employees happier at work.

Improved Building Aesthetics– Areas created or enhanced by plants alleviate the harshness of the building environment.  They create a warm and inviting refuge.

Make a Design Statement– Interior landscaping is emerging as a “fashion-oriented” business.  It can be the finishing touch to the overall design or can stand alone as focal points to catch the eye.

Increased Occupancy and Retention–  The character and appearance of the building improves when healthy plants are presented in attractively designed containers and displays.  People  want to stay, linger and their perception is positive.

Positively Impact Productivity and Worker Satisfaction–  A message of goodwill is sent when a company provides and maintains plants for their employees.  Workers feel management cares by spending money on office plants that improve their everyday work environment.  In one study, workers have shown a 12% increase in productivity with plants present.

Increased Retail Spending– Extend your outside environment inside for the retail customer.  Provide a more interesting, pleasing, less stressful experience for your shopper, diner or overnight guest.

Direct Pedestrian Traffic– Plants can guide people to special attractions, direct optimal traffic flow or enhance a specific landmark for check-in desks, escalators and waiting areas.

Reflect the Holiday and the Changing Season– The visual beauty and grace of plants is hard to beat.  They express our cultural beliefs and help celebrate our seasonal holidays.

Cleaner Indoor Environment– Dust and other microscopic pollutants as well as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide can set the stage for a long list of poor health conditions. Indoor plants do a great job of collecting these contaminants from the air, keeping them from entering the lungs of residents or office workers. Improving the air ventilation within these spaces can also help.

Fresher Indoor Environment- The freshness of indoor air can also greatly impact the productivity of a person, making indoor gardens a major interest among many employers. A recent article cites a study from the National Institutes of Health, which found that reducing air pollution alone could improve worker productivity by almost 10 percent. Potted plants or even ionizing air fresheners can do a great deal in improving work performance and may even help reduce employee turnover in many facilities.

Reduced Energy Bills- You could even reduce your energy bills by keeping plants in your home or office. Reducing the level of indoor air pollutants can keep your HVAC system working properly and prevent the filter from becoming clogged, which leads to the whole system having to work harder to perform the same job. While not necessarily a health benefit, this is certainly desirable among homeowners and employers.

An individual’s sense of well-being is clearly promoted by the inclusion of interior plants into their environment, and as illustrated above they improve the quality of life overall.  Hopefully, bringing these studies and research to light, we can prompt designers, developers, owners, property managers and office managers to include green plants in their green design. Throughout the Birmingham Metro many people are walking into spaces that offer both fresh air as well as a sense of calm. Call Foliage Design Systems Birmingham to learn more about our services and how we can build a verdant living space within your property today.


Why Plantscaping?

It’s a good idea to consult a professional interior plantscaper for several reasons.
Your plantscaper will design a plant placement that provides the look or atmosphere that you want, and that is cohesive throughout your workplace and complementary to your decor.
A plantscaper is able to place plants where they are most visible but do not impede people’s movements or efficiency. She can select the right plants for the light levels in your office.
Your plants will be consistently maintained and will be replaced as necessary at no additional cost to you. You will not wind up losing money on plants that don’t last!


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