Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Benefits of Living Walls

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens, are all the rage in many office buildings and even homes stretching across the country. These green walls are a great way to bring life to any space as well as improving the air quality in the surrounding areas. For the nature seeker in a concrete abyss, the… Read more »

How Can I Save My Precious Plant From Dying?

Maybe you’ve slipped up a bit. You put off watering your home or office plant for too long, or you just keep forgetting to let enough light in. In many cases, it’s difficult to even know exactly why a plant is having a hard time surviving. We know that you really do care. We know… Read more »

Benefits of Having Plants [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that plants offer many health benefits? It’s true! More than just looking pretty, they even help increase productivity! Are you not the most skilled plantscaper? Have no fear: even artificial plants offer some great benefits. Courtesy of Artificial Plants and Trees, here are some interesting facts about how plants are beneficial to… Read more »